School VR Curriculum

In 2023, We will launch an affordable VR Islamic curriculum for all Islamic schools in North America for a $95 VR Lab fee per student annually.  The cost will include the use of the following:

  • Student annual license to use in-class Light Art VR technology.
  • The intellectual property library consists of 6 video stories: Mecca, Hijra, Isra & Miraj, Mawlid, Jesus, and Moses. 
  • Interactive VR slides of 100’s of computer generated images in 360° to explore.
  • An in-depth PowerPoint booklet on each story for the student to review.

  • A miniature 3D model magnet as a gift to take home.
  • Our VR library will also be updated with 3-4 new stories each school year.

*Parents or teachers can fill out the request form, and we will contact your school.

School Fundraisers

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25% of sales using your school’s promo code will be donated back to your school

Why sell candy door to door when you can share your school’s dedicated link to our online store of exclusive merchandise. We want to do our part to help further student education and provide schools with the technological resources they need, along with some financial help. We are committed to donating 25% of sales from our online store.

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